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We're restoration experts that happily serve the East Central New Jersey area. From little water leaks to massive floods, we can restore it. From tiny kitchen fires to burned warehouses, we can restore it.

We offer 24/7 emergency service in addition to our normal business hours.
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Fire and Smoke Restoration

You had a fire. Now what? Call us to clean up your home or busines, suck and and treat the smoke odor, dry things out, and rebuild to pre-disaster condition. Learn more...

Flood, Leak, and Water Restoration

Flooding and water damage can look like it will require an insurmountable task to repair and restore, but we do it all. From the pump out to the renovation, we can fix your water damage. Learn more...

Mold Removal and Remediation

Mold and mildew can smell awful and put the health of your loved ones or employees at risk. Call us to find your mold problems and eliminate them once and for all. Learn more...

Fire and Smoke Restoration

Just a few of our services:
  • Debris removal

    We get a dumpster and get rid of the ash, burnt wood, chemical extinguisher leftovers, and toxic chemicals that resulted from the fire.

  • Smoke odor removal

    We start with ventilation your house to get as much of the smoke smell OUT as possible. From there we use EPA-approved chemical treatments to get rid of odors.

  • Smoke, soot, and stain cleaning

    Many of your possessions or equipment will be dirty and stained. We wash and treat EVERYTHING, from your outside walls to your drapes and carpets.

  • Rebuilds and renovations

    We rebuild your home or business so that it's as though the fire never happened.

  • Water and mold restoration

    Don't forget that we often perform ALL of our water and mold restoration services since firefighters spray your home with massive amounts of water.

  • And more!

Water Removal and Restoration

Here are some things we do:
  • Water pump out and removal

    We remove water by pumping, vacuuming, and blowing with our specialized gear.

  • Anti-bacterial treatment of flooded areas

    Flood water, sewage, and even tap water that has "sat and stewed" can have harmful bacteria and other pathogens. We get rid of them with EPA-approved disinfectants.

  • Non-destructive drying

    In some cases we can use specialized equipment and minimal-destruction techniques to keep from tearing down walls and ceilings.

  • Water detection

    Our thermal imaging and water sensors mean that we won't be popping holes in your walls just to check for water damage!

  • Electronics recovery

    Some electronics can be recovered in our drying chambers.

  • Thorough cleaning

    Water stains and silt deposition are common, especially in flood events. We can clean almost anything, from walls to drapes to sofas.

  • Rebuilds and renovations

    We can renovate and repair water damage, whether it's just from a little leak or due to a major flood event.

  • And more!

Mold Removal and Restoration

Here are some things we do:
  • Dry-out and temperature regulation

    Mold needs to be dried-out and killed! We know just how to do that without spreading even more mold spores.

  • Moldy area treatment

    We may be able to treat mold and mildew-infected areas with EPA-approved treatments.

  • Moldy debris disposal

    Mold is a health hazard, and we're equipped to remove and dispose of affected areas in a safe manner.

  • Mold testing

    Is it safe for your family to live in your home? Is it safe for your employees to work at your business? We can tell you after we've done mold testing and inspection.

  • Rebuilds and renovations

    Mold growth sometimes necessitates demolition of walls, ceilings, other areas or your home or business. We rebuild the site so that you never know there was mold!

  • And more!

You want to work with experts. No cowboys allowed!

Did you know that restoration often requires techinical certification? Did you know that water and fire damage can result in toxic waste and dangerous pathogens? We have the certifications and practical experience to clean up your home or business and ALSO certify it as safe to occupy.

You want advice and insight, not just a bunch of upsells.

In the face of disaster, the last thing you want is a salesman pushing you to buy more, more, more! We help you evaluate options and make good choices without making you feel guilty or shameful about your choices at this difficult time in your life.

You value your time.

Have you ever taken a day off work to wait for a contractor or service "professional" that simply never shows up? At NJ Flood and Fire Restoration, we know that your time is valuable. We'll move as quickly as possible to get you a quote and properly complete the work.

You don't like corner-cutters.

We don't cut corners. We have an ethical commitment to our customers to do the job right. Since we aren't some fly-by-night operation, our reputation is everything to us. We need our customers to know that we did a good job, and then pass the word on.

Things you want to know:

Do you work with my insurance?

Of course. Get in touch with us and we'll talk to your insurance company.

I had a major flooding event. Why is it so important to get my home dried out quickly?

According to the EPA, mold starts to grow 24-48 hours after a flooding event. This is dangerous for building occupants, costs more money to fix, takes more time to eradicate, and can generally take a painful situation to the next level. If you can avoid mold, avoid it.

Can I enter my house or business after a fire or flood?

If you ever have any doubt, no. Structural damage, especially from fire, can mean that a building can collapse without warning. Firefighters will warn you to stay out of the premesis. Water damage events are often safer to enter and you may be able to make some of your possessions more recoverable by executing our post-flood checklist.

Remember that fire can produce toxic waste - you want to be extremely careful about what you breath in or touch. Flooding can spread harmful bacteria and viruses and moldy areas can create respiratory problems.

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Customer Satisfaction

Our number one priority is our customers! How can it not be so? You need a job that is well done, completed in a reasonable amount of time, with craftsman that show up when you expect them. We deliver that and more.

When you have a fire or flood, life can become bumpy. We're here to help you smooth it out and get you back in your home or business quickly and safely