What does a flood restoration professional do?

What needs to happen when your home or business is flooded?

A flood event is a big deal. Our number one recommendation is always to call in pros as soon as possible to start getting your home or business dried out, primarily because preventing mold growth is essential in keeping future recovery costs down. But you probably don’t know what a water restoration professional can do for you, right? This is especially daunting if this is the first time this has happened to you, and it’s always an emotionally charged situation. So here’s what your home or business needs when you get flooded:

1) Water pump out and removal

This is number one on most people’s list. You may have a sump pump that was overwhelmed or your geographical area experienced extreme water flow. Flood water is often dirty and contaminated. In any case, we need to get rid of the water. Hopefully, this will also allow us to get electricity functioning properly again, as well as heating and cooling.

2) Antibacterial treatment of flooded areas

Since flood water comes from everywhere, it can have all kinds of things in it. We’ll chemically treat affected surfaces to kill bacteria and other pathogens.

3) Water dry out

We use fans, vacuums, blowers, and some special tech like Injectidry to dry everything. The faster this is done, the less chance mold will have to dry. We can dry bare floors, carpet, inside walls, and structural areas. Having a complete water drying system in place quickly will save you money in the long run.

4) Water detection

Water sensors and thermal imaging help us determine which areas are still wet. This is most helpful for doing non-destructive testing, which means that we won’t make holes in your walls for inspection purposes.

5) Electronics recovery

We have specialized equipment to dry out electronics like computers, smart phones, and hard drives. You can keep your hardware and your data.

6) General cleaning

Flood water is incredibly dirty, often leaving a fine layer of silt on anything it has touched, including walls, carpet, and furniture. We can clean up large debris that drifted onto your property as well as dirt that is embedded in your carpet.

7) Home and business remodeling

Bad flood damage or cases where mold has developed may call for significant remodeling. We can do full or partial remodels so that you ahve your home or business back as soon as possible.