What to do after a fire in your house

A house fire is a traumatic and devastating experience. Once the fire is out the work to rebuild your home and your life begins. Take it slow. It can be very upsetting to return to the house after the fire it out and see your home and possessions destroyed. The first priority is to make sure that your family members and pets are all safe. Then you need to secure temporary housing. There are organizations that can help you find a safe temporary place to live with your family and get you basic necessities like clothes, food and toiletries. After your immediate needs are taken care of you can start the process of assessing the damage to your home and your possessions.

See What You Can Salvage

Going back to a house after a fire is really difficult for many people. Seeing treasured possessions, furniture and photos burned or damaged is very upsetting. But you will have to sort through whatever is left and decide if you want to try and save it or if you should just throw it away.

Most of the time not many of your possessions are salvageable after a fire. Items that aren’t burned are usually damaged by smoke or soot or ruined by the water that firefighters used to put out the fire. You will have to go through the items that are left and figure out which ones if any you want to try and save. Professional restoration technicians can work wonders on fire damaged items so if there are items that are really important to you that have been damaged you may be able to save them by hiring a professional restoration crew.

What To Do After A Fire In Your House Destroys Your Documents

After you have sorted through your stuff you need to call your insurance company and other agencies that can help you start to rebuild your life. Your insurance agent can help you figure out who to call in your area to get help with housing, money for living expenses, and any other assistance that you might need. It’s ok that you don’t know who to call or what to do after a fire in your house.

But reach out for help because there are people and organizations that can tell you how to get what you need. You will also need to make calls and visit government offices to replace any important papers that were lost in the fire. Hopefully your valuables were in a fire proof safe. But if not you will need to get new copies of things like marriage certificates, birth certificates, driver’s licenses and other identification documents.

Rebuild Your Life

After you have gotten a place to live and gotten all the documents that you need you can start to rebuild your life. The insurance company will tell you if the house can be rebuilt or if it’s a total loss. Then you can start looking for a new home if necessary and moving forward building a new life for you and your family.