Electronics recovery

Today’s fast paced electronic society means that you probably have a lot of expensive electronics in your home. You may even have professional grade audio or video equipment if you or a family member works at home. After a flood, fire or disaster it is possible to salvage your electronic equipment and all of the files, photos, and memories that are on those electronic devices. One of our certified teams can assess the damage to your electronics and get them back to working order.

In many cases the damage to things like computers and electronics looks worse than it is. The outer casing of the equipment can be damaged but the inside can still be saved, as long as you have a trained professional working on it. If you attempt to salvage the electronics yourself you could end up ruining the entire device. When it comes to electronics you should always let a professional technician that has been trained to handle sensitive electronics do any kind of salvage work.

The biggest threat to electronics after a flood, fire or other disaster isn’t water, it’s dust. If the electronic device gets wet and then dust settled on it that dust becomes a hard to remove thick paste. Our technicians have the skills and the equipment to get inside the device and remove that paste while drying out the device so that it will work as good as new.

It's important to get your electronics looked at immediately after they are damaged by water, smoke or other contaminants. The sooner a technician can get to work on them the better the chances are that your precious files can be recovered. Call us right away if your electronics are damaged in a disaster. We have teams on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to jump start the process of electronics recovery.