Hardwood floor water damage

Hardwood floors are beautiful and pretty hard to damage, but they are susceptible to water damage. Water damaged hardwood floors should always be repaired and restored by trained professionals. If you try to fix the damage yourself you could end up ruining your hardwood floors or having to replace them. If you have had flooding in your home or if you are noticing signs of water damage on your hardwood floors give us a call and let one of our expertly trained technicians assess the damage for you. Our teams have the right equipment and the knowledge to get your hardwood floors back to brand new condition and keep them beautiful for years to come.

Mold is a big concern when there is water damage to hardwood floors. Even though hardwood floors are very durable the area underneath the hardwood floor is one of the places where mold grows most often in a home. You could have toxic mold underneath your feet and not even know it. That’s why you need a skilled technician to check your floors for damage and mold. If any mold is found our technicians can eradicate it before it can cause serious health problems for you and your family.

Mold can grow swiftly and it doesn’t take a lot of water to give mold the perfect growing conditions. So even if you have only had a little water damage to the floor, like the kind caused by a leaky kitchen sink or a leaky toilet, you should have a professional take a look at the floor to be sure there is no mold growing underneath the floor. Our teams can repair the water damage and eliminate the mold so that your home looks great and is safe and healthy again too.