Water and flood mitigation and restoration

The only thing worse than being caught in a flood is dealing with the destruction that is left after the flood waters recede. It can be totally overwhelming to look at all of your furniture, clothing, and possessions covered in dirt and mud and sometimes still submerged in water. But don’t give up on your treasured keepsakes, furniture, and other items just yet. There is a good chance that our certified restoration and mitigation experts can save your precious photos and documents, furniture and other items. They can also repair the damage to your home and make sure that you don’t end up with a house full of toxic mold. If you have a flood in your home don’t assume that your possessions are a total loss. Call one of our trained technicians as soon as you can after the flood, no matter what time of day it is. Our technician will be able to tell you what can be saved and what can’t.

The biggest problem homeowners face after a flood is the growth of mold in the home. Mold can start growing quickly after a flood because flood waters are often full of bacteria. Mold can be very serious and can cause major health problems for you and your family. It can even be fatal to children and pets. It’s very important to call us right away after a flood so that a team can get to your house and start the restoration process. One of the things that our highly skilled water and flood mitigation and restoration teams will do is clean and dry your walls, crawlspace, and other areas affected by the flood to prevent mold growth and get rid of any mold that might already be there.