Water and leak detection

Are you noticing some water in your crawlspace? Do you see some small water damage spots on ceilings or walls? You could have a water leak. Water leaks are one of the worst things that can happen to your home. They can cause hard to repair water damage and floods. They can even contribute to the growth of toxic mold which can make you and your family and pets sick.

Once mold gets into a home it’s expensive and difficult to get it out. Water and leak detection professionals can catch small hidden leaks before they become a big problem. Our certified technicians have the expertise to find even small leaks that are hiding in your plumbing, in your crawlspace, or in other hidden places. You should always have a professional team come to your home to check for leaks because not all leaks are easy to find.

Homeowners may think that their homes have no leaks when actually there are slow leaks causing water buildup in crawlspaces, under cement, in the walls or under cabinets. Because our technicians have years of training and experience they know how to find leaks in the hidden areas of your home. They can also check your plumbing, drainage, and pipes to spot damage or wear and tear before a leak occurs. Preventing leaks will save you from the hassle and expense of having to fix water damage later on. The cost of having your home checked for leaks at once a year is nothing compared to the cost of restoring your home and your possessions after a devastating flood. Call us today to schedule a water and leak detection team to check your home for any signs of leaks and fix them before they cause major damage to your home.